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The providers and staff of Healthy Starts Pediatrics would like to welcome patients, parents, and visitors to the practice website.  It is our intention to use the site for information about the practice and to provide important health information to the families we serve.


Annual Well Child Exams, Concerns regarding measles and pertussis, vaccinations… we have the information you need!​


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Healthy Starts Pediatrics will start a Flu Campaign this year to encourage ALL parents to have their children vaccinated for Influenza after the hysteria from the 'Flu Epidemic' of last year's 2017 - 2018 Flu Season.  We will begin vaccinating in September, and as always, our Flu vaccines are single-dose vials that are preservative and mercury free, for as long as they are available. If you happen to be a procrastinator, despite where you go, your children are likely to have to receive their vaccine from the multi-dose vials that contain preservative since the single-dose vials are often no longer available. So just be aware that if you prefer the preservative-free vaccine for your children, you'll want to plan ahead! Stay tuned for more information..............

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Trust Our Professional Staff With Your Child's Medical Needs

The staff and physicians of Healthy Starts Pediatrics understand that your child's health is your priority, and we are here to guide your family on this journey to health with our ongoing support.  We offer an after-hours nurse triage service for your child's urgent medical needs, medically trained phone support staff during regular office hours, year-round Saturday morning hours for acutely ill children and disease protection for your child by ensuring that all children in our practice receive the most up-to-date, life-saving childhood vaccinations as recommended by the CDC.


Our Providers are here to guide your family on this journey to health with our ongoing support.


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