Flu Vaccines

  Flu Vaccines are on their way!! They were a bit delayed this year for our Thimerosal-Free vials!  Please check back here over the next week to see scheduling availability!

Dental Health

Healthy Starts Pediatrics' providers and staff recognize that dental decay is quickly becoming a crisis for young children.  Because we believe that oral health has a great impact on your child's overall health,  all of our medical staff have been trained to provide preventative Fluoride varnish treatments to some of our patients during well child visits.  We encourage all children to establish a dental home office by the age of 12 months.  Please speak with one of our physicians at your child's annual check-up for more information. 

Please note***  Tricare and Cigna's self-funded plan through Plumbers and Pipefitters do not cover this service.  

Due to new coding guidelines, if there are other active problems discussed or found at a well-child exam, your insurance company may require a second co-pay. If this is the case, you will be billed for this additional co-pay.

As part of Healthy Starts' proactive philosophy in addressing the current, fast emerging disease epidemics of Measles and Pertussis, as well as fully keeping with the Center For Disease Control guidelines, we are immediately revising our Vaccine Schedule. We will now be administering the Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccine at the 1 year visit instead of at the 15 month visit and the second Booster will now be given at 3 years, rather than 4 years. This important change is compliant with School Vaccine guidelines as well. Thank you for Vaccinating and protecting your children! 


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