Please note that our office does not test for Covid-19.  Most offices are on a waiting list of 30 - 60 days.  We do not know if we will do testing in our office.  Also, locations that are testing have limited quantities, therefore, it is very important that tests be made available to those who are at higher risk or who are in need of them.  If you feel your child may have been exposed, it is best to keep him / her home for 14 days from exposure.  See below for more information.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we understand that many things have changed for all of us.  We just want to say a big 'Thank You' for your patience as we work with an overwhelming number of phone calls, some staff shortages and at times, shortened office hours.  

As a reminder, face masks are required for everyone over the age of 2.  In order to lower the risk to all patients and staff, we also ask that only one healthy parent accompany the child to the appointment.  Please contact our office with any questions.    

The best thing for your family is to minimize exposure to others by wearing face masks in public or when with other people.  This will greatly decrease your family's risk of having a loved one contract the virus.  If your child is experiencing symptoms of an illness that concern you, please contact the office to find out if an office visit or a virtual visit is warranted.  Most importantly, don't panic.  

We are grateful that you put your trust in our Pediatric staff and we will continue to educate ourselves so that we can provide your children with the best possible care.  However, this pandemic is new to everyone and it can sometimes be difficult for us to answer all of your questions, especially with the many different chains of exposure that your family may experience daily.  For this reason, we feel it is best to direct you to the following links below for all of your COVID-19 concerns, including exposure and testing criteria.  Please explore the links below:    

Don't Panic! 

We'll get through this.

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