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What we ask of you:

Patience.   We realize the stress families are facing right now with school and daycare, clearance requirements and the fear that every normal childhood virus or illness is possibly Covid.  We will do our best to help you, but wait times are longer due to staffing and the high volume of calls.  In order to avoid longer hold times, we ask that each parent be prepared when calling us with their child's date of birth and accurate information about the illness.  Keep descriptions short when possible.  Another request is to avoid calling to schedule well checkups for larger families with multiple children in the same phone call, especially if your schedule is very restrictive.  Often we have one phone person and this is a much longer call, which causes a backlog of callers in the system on hold.  


Our office performs a limited number of Covid-19 tests because our supplies are allocated.  Tests must be ordered by a physician after the patient is assessed for necessity of testing.  

​​As a reminder, face masks will continue to be required for everyone over the age of 2 when visiting the office until further notice.  In order to lower the risk to all patients and staff, we also ask that only one healthy parent accompany the child to the appointment.  If anyone in the household has tested positive for Covid or is showing signs of Covid, please reschedule the appointment until symptoms are gone and quarantine periods are over.  Please contact our office with any questions.    

The best thing for your family is to minimize exposure by continuing to be cautious and limit the number of people with whom you spend time with.  

We are grateful that you put your trust in our Pediatric staff and we will continue to educate ourselves so that we can provide your children with the best possible care.  Please visit the CDC website for more current information on Covid-19.

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