Your Child's Health Matters

*Due to the specific laws relating to the medical care of minors, as well as for various other reasons specific to Pediatric medicine, our office does require that a parent be present for all well checkups and for any and all vaccines that may be given.


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*Please note that no matter what your child's age, if a pediatric patient becomes pregnant, she will need to transfer out to an adult practitioner who will be better equipped to handle these adult issues.  This is NOT because we no longer want to care for your child. This is for your child's health and safety because pregnancy is associated with risks that an adult provider is more equipped to manage.

18 Years of age
Our physicians will provide the best care for your child using their extensive experience in Pediatric medicine, however, once your child reaches an age at which he or she begins to experience medical issues that are typically seen in adulthood, a pregnancy, or once your child reaches the age of 18, (whichever occurs first) we require that you transfer care to an adult Primary Care Doctor.  An adult primary care physician will be better equipped to handle your child's adult medical needs and we will do our best to expedite the transfer of records once we receive your signed medical release form. ​

You may receive a letter from us within 6 months of your child's 18th birthday reminding you to begin seeking a Primary Care physician for your child.  The record release form can be found here.